Spotlight on: Young Achievement Award


MARITIME and logistics sectors are looking to the next generation to bring new skills, ideas and energy into the industry, and the DCN Young Achievement Award recognises those already contributing through their work.

The award, dedicated to people under the age of 35, highlights the achievements of the younger generation and aims to encourage future leaders.

Port Authority of NSW port officer Ruby Peterlin received the Young Achievement award in 2022 – an accolade she said she was beyond grateful for.

“Having a job you love is rewarding enough, but being recognised for the work I’ve done over the past years was thrilling! It has motivated me to continue working hard and to encourage other young people to also work hard and do what they love,” Ms Peterlin said.

She said the award identifies the achievements and dedication young people are putting into their career. This award shines the light on our future. I look forward to seeing the future recipients and the motivation and drive they bring to the maritime and logistics industry.

“I am very proud of where I have ended up and am looking forward to a very exciting and rewarding career.”

Ms Peterlin thanked the team at Port Authority of NSW for their support, encouragement and the opportunity they had provided her with.

“As Port Kembla’s first ever Indigenous female port officer, Ruby’s success in last year’s awards highlights the incredible contributions young women and increased workforce diversity are bringing to the maritime industry,” Port Authority of NSW CEO Philip Holliday said.

“Port Authority is extremely proud to have Ruby working with our business and this award shines a spotlight on her many outstanding achievements to date, along with her enthusiasm and ambition to build her maritime career.

“Maritime is an industry where people build long careers – it is just as important to acknowledge achievers at the start of their journey as it is to highlight people who have reached milestones or standout achievements over their careers.”

Port Authority of NSW CEO Philip Holliday said awards for young achievers help build confidence, recognise potential and early commitment, build enthusiasm for a fulfilling career and help foster a sense of belonging in the maritime and logistics community.

“They also highlight and show what’s possible to other young people considering a career in maritime,” he said.

“The board, executive team and all her work colleagues were delighted that Ruby won this award. We think she is a terrific part of our team at Port Authority and we see a big future for her in maritime.”

The Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund has sponsored the Young Achievement Award since 2014. Prior to that, MNWMF chair David Field – who suggested the young achievers category some 12 years ago – had sponsored the award himself.

“Since 2014, my Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund board colleagues decided that by taking up the sponsorship, we could simultaneously encourage, support and recognise a younger generation as they progress in their careers, and promote a greater awareness of the vital role of Australia’s Merchant Navy in WWI and WWII and subsequently,” he said.

“In my former shipping career, I have and continue to be, passionate about taking every opportunity to encourage staff to strive to be more than they thought they could be.

“Nothing is more important in any organisation, than the art of leadership and the encouragement of our future leaders. It is leadership that fosters loyalty up and down and pride in belonging and from it flows leadership within others. It is a blend of qualities: courage, willpower, vision, humanity, judgement, flexibility of mind and, most importantly, integrity.”

The Young Achievement Award is open to those under the age of 35 working in any sector of the Australian maritime or transport industry deemed to have made a special contribution to his or her industry over the past 12 months.

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