Spotlight on: Safety Award


From the open sea to the confines of a shore-based 9 to 5 routine, the maritime logistics workforce places enormous value on safety.

In 2019, DCN established safety as a standalone awards category, underscoring its importance and spotlighting the individuals who foster safe workplaces, roads and waterways.

Modalinta, which took out the 2022 award, developed the SafLash concept that aims to reduce the time and effort needed to lash or unlash a container vessel. The company said lashing accounts for an estimated 40% of container port injuries, and an even higher number in automated terminals.

Modalinta said the win was “a great accolade” for a company that is dedicated to maritime safety.

“It has been noted by most of our shipping line partners and has been instrumental in convincing people that SafLash is all about safety,” a company spokesperson told DCN.

“The Safety Award is helpful for busy executives trying to work out which projects are going to help their business before they commit significant resources to investigating and trialling them. For us it was an important part of establishing our first global trial.

“External recognition is always helpful for the team and helps us stay focused on the real objective. Many projects claim safety credentials but having an award allows us to cut through and has even resulted in invitations to enter other global awards.”

The Queensland government has committed to supporting this year’s safety initiative, with Maritime Safety Queensland stepping up as sponsor of the award.

A spokesperson for MSQ said the agency was delighted to sponsor the Safety Award on behalf of the Queensland government.

“As Queensland’s maritime regulator, there is nothing more important to Maritime Safety Queensland than the safety of those who take to the water in ships and boats,” the spokesperson said.

Safety is literally our middle name and is key to why we exist and what we seek to achieve

“Organisations and individuals who invest resources and ingenuity into making maritime transport safer deserve to be recognised and celebrated by all who are connected with it.

“We keenly look forward to seeing the nominations for this year’s Safety Award.”

How to nominate

The Safety Award is given for initiatives or implementation of operating systems or company policies which contribute to an improved safety environment in the movement of freight. This award is also open to entries demonstrating implementation of innovative training solutions which improve OH&S practices.

The spotlight on workplace safety has been sharp over the past year, and DCN looks forward to acknowledging organisations and individuals who have placed safety at the core of their endeavours.

Nominations are closing soon for this year’s awards, and all of industry is invited to get involved. You can nominate yourself, a customer or a client for this, or any category. Submissions close on 4 October 2023.

Click here for the full list of awards categories, and here to submit your nomination. 

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