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You are now able to nominate online! There is no set application form or template for nominations. Instead, nominations (which must be no more than 500 words) are in the nominator’s own words. The judges are not concerned with literary merit and encourage all sections of the Australian shipping community to “get involved”.

All companies, corporations, organisations and individuals are eligible to nominate. You can nominate yourself, a customer or a client for any category with the exception of Newsmaker of the Year, which is selected by Daily Cargo News staff, and the Liner Trade and Customer Service awards which are selected by our data analysts and subscribers respectively.

Nominations close 5pm Friday 30 October 2020.




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If you’d prefer to nominate “offline”, you can send your nomination:

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By post to:
Paragon DCN Pty Ltd
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St Leonards
NSW 1590 Australia
Attn: Lloyd O’Harte


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