Spotlight on: Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award


In an industry historically dominated by men, the maritime logistics sector has taken significant steps to acknowledge and empower women.

Since its inception in 2018, the Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award has stood as a testament to these efforts, recognising exceptional women who are driving change and progress in the field.

DCN recently caught up with Transolve Global CEO Rachael Budd, who received the 2022 Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award.

Ms Budd has worked in the maritime and logistics industry for more than 28 years as an employee and business owner. She said last year’s win was a rewarding acknowledgement of her achievements to date.

“The award means a lot to me from both a personal and professional perspective and I am sincerely appreciative and flattered to be recognised by my peers and to have been included in a category amongst such esteemed nominees,” Ms Budd said.

“The Women in Shipping Award matters for the maritime and logistics industry as whilst there is a growing percentage of women working across the industry, it remains a male-dominated space, with women comprising less than 10% of the overall workforce,” she said.

“It’s important to have this award to acknowledge the women that are not only contributing to changing this status quo themselves but are also forging the path forward for other females.

“This award is also important as it helps to support the development of this equality, which over the long-term will inevitably enhance the industry overall as we bring in the diverse skills, perspectives and expertise of a larger pool of talent across both genders.”

Ms Budd said receiving the award generated recognition that made an internal and external difference for her team.

“Within the company, whilst we have had an all-female senior leadership team for a while, this award has given has even more impetus to help mentor and provide opportunities for other females wanting to progress in the industry,” she said.

“From a wider external perspective, it’s raised the brand awareness around Transolve Global to the next level, which has been invaluable in supporting our business growth goals over the past year.”

The support of dedicated sponsors is behind every prestigious industry award. This year, OneStop has stepped up to endorse the Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award.

A spokesperson from OneStop told DCN the company was proud to sponsor the award in 2023.

“Empowering women within the industry is something that OneStop wholeheartedly supports,” the spokesperson said.

“We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for the growth and success of the supply chain sector. This award serves as a testament to our commitment to challenging industry norms, fostering gender equality, and leading the way in shipping and logistics.

“Through initiatives like these, we hope to inspire more women to pursue careers in this dynamic field and contribute their invaluable expertise to the logistics world.”

How to nominate

The Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award is open to all women working in shipping and maritime logistics industries. The award recognises an individual’s outstanding leadership and their contribution to sustained improvements in workplace culture, behaviour, outcomes, profitability or productivity.

DCN welcomes nominations from diverse industries to honour outstanding individuals for their achievements and contributions as workplace equity gains traction.

Nominations are closing soon for this year’s awards, and all of industry is invited to get involved. You can nominate yourself, a customer or a client for this, or any category. Submissions close on 4 October 2023.

Click here for the full list of awards categories, and here to submit your nomination. 

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